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VanMan's Tallow & Honey Balm 2 oz

 Designed For Your Face, Use Anywhere
Effective Yet Edible
Silky Strong Skin
"Dude, I've used everything you can think of to help my skin and your balm not only has reduced the redness of my skin but has helped my dry skin tremendously. I've been using a bit in my hair instead of pomade. Works like a charm." - Verified Buyer

Tallow is THE BEST moisturizer there is.  The oil in our skin shares many of the same fatty acids with tallow, making it nearly impossible to beat.

When you feel how soft and smooth your skin is after just one use you will never go back!

Not much needed each use, there are no fillers

Tallow is much more than just a moisturizer though... it can replace:

Lotion  -  Night cream  -  Wrinkle cream  -  Neosporin  -  Diaper Balm  -  And More!

Powerful enough to heal the skin, yet safe enough to spread on your toast!

Check out our testimonials below or on our Instagram showing effectiveness against rashes, hives, eczema, psoriasis, sunburn, diaper rash and more!

4 ingredients listed below (plus essential oils)

100% Grass Fed & Finished Beef Tallow sourced from small family farms is loaded with Vitamins A, K, D, E and powerful antioxidants

Organic Raw Honey & Organic Beeswax are natural skin healers and protectors

Cold Pressed Organic Olive Oil is a great natural moisturizer and skin protectant filled with Vitamins and antioxidants

100% pure Anti Aging Essential Oil's:

Copaiba Balsam
Frankincense Serrata
Frankincense Carteri










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Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Steve Chambers
Quite simply amazing

I have problematic skin. It can be irritated easily and go red. It can be dry and shiny at the same time. I get spot breakouts. I’m 48, for God’s sake. VanMan’s balm has fixed all of it. I now get complimented on my skin. It feels smooth, it looks youthful. It’s brilliant and I’m hooked.

Jack of all trades yada yada

You’ve heard the saying. Master of none but still always better than the master of one. This product has replaced just about all my traditional personal care stuffs. I message a glob into my beard before bed and wipe the excess into my hair for a nice natural pomade. Nothing goes to waste with this stuff. Styles and holds fairly well in the morning and despite being tallow it does not make you look like a greasy unwashed mess. If you’ve used Crew in the past this is fairly comparable. It does have a “beefy” smell to it, can’t deny it, but it isn’t unpleasant and it also isn’t so much that others will notice. Hair does feel stronger and my beard softer. Can’t really speak much about noticeable skin changes as I am blessed with clear skin. Will definitely reorder and keep the VanMan on my radar.

Pam Smith
Saved me!

My eyes break out in blisters when I’m super stressed. Nothing works. Then this….took about 3 days and I’m looking good. Swelling, blisters and peeling stopped. Redness is fading! Love it!!! Pic shows how bad it was.

David Sacerio

Great product . Will he buying again

Lynn F

This has made such a difference for my face in a short period of time. I think I’m going to stop buying the $400 face creams!