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*No Scent Added* VanMan's Tallow & Honey Balm -Classic

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This is the same as the Classic Tallow & Honey Balm only without essential oils added

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Best Damn Balm And Company

This winter has been brutal but on my hands and face well there isn’t much help for my face but this tallow has made my hands and face feel like a velvet bag full of puppy dog ears! Will be a lifetime customer!

Loving it!

I’m loving the Tallow and Honey Balm!

Wow!! Heals overnight

Originally purchased to heal my nose piercing and it did overnight basically! I’ve also been putting it on little cuts or scrapes my kiddos get and it helps so much. My 3 year old calls it magical cow cream!!

This stuff is great and works!

My wife and I have tried several different products to try and clear up our daughters eczema. We came across Vanman, read the reviews, and decided to give it a try. We have been using it for almost two weeks and this stuff has been excellent! There is still one spot that we are dealing with but it is reduced the irritation significantly as well as completely removed other spots. I highlight recommend this product and we will be using this until further notice.

A++ Great Stuff!!

In two days it healed a hang nail/cuticle issue that had been bothering me for a while. Love this stuff!!!

Happy with this

Tastes strong with the salt, but the feeling of my teeth, the lack of after taste and knowing its real ingredients makes me really happy.

Everything I've been searching for in a moisturizer

If the smell isn't off putting to you, then this might be by far the best moisturizer you can use. It's composed of all natural products. Its what I imagine indigenous cultures use to moisturize their skin.

First time ordering

I Love the lip balm but would like it in a tube. The tallow is so good in this very cold dry winter we are having in Colorado!


Love the tallow balm. Egg toothpaste works well and the mouth rinse is refreshing. Good to know its made from natural material!

The Best

I live in a cold climate and the Tallow Balm is great for chapped hands and lips. Not only is my skin back to hydrated, but it doesn't sting when you use it because there's nothing artificial about it. I also got the hair protection oil which I use as mascara / eye makeup remover as well. I was using kitchen olive oil for the makeup remover and, as you might guess, it stung because not even olive oil is natural anymore. Overall, love these products. It's nice to see some natural products back on the market. Cannot recommend enough.

Healing Piercing - Beef Tallow with Honey

I saw another review about a piercing with a non-healing inflammation. I’ve been trying to heal my cartilage piercing for 6+ months and this product is actually making a difference after a few days!

Beef Tallow with Honey

I am an RN and wash my hand frequently. As a result they are often dry and cracked. Applying moisturizer doesn't seem to help. I have been applying the Tallow with honey and noticed that my hands feel and look great. I also apply it as a body lotion. It works great and it's absolutely a must have product. I have shared it with my co workers, some of who have atopic dermatitis. Its fantastic.


This is my first time trying a tooth cleaning powder. It definitely exceeded my expectations. I find the tub easy to use. The product does a great job of cleaning my teeth, it is nice and minty, and I feel my oral health has improved from using this product for about one month now. I also like the taste and frehness of the miracle toothpowder, and I feel good that I am using something far superior to regular toothpaste. Oral health affects the rest of the body so I love that this purchase I feel really great about.

VanMan's Tallow & Honey Balm - Classic 2 oz

Miracle cream

Ok, at first I had a hard time with the smell but you get used to it and the smell does wear off in minutes. I have been using it as an eye cream and love the results! It has only been one week and I notice a difference in the fine lines around my eyes and I can attest they are much improved! I also use it on my psoriasis and it seems to be helping with that as well! Great product, will repurchase and I highly recommend!

Tallow balm

Love the tallow balm and VanMan. The balm has helped clear our one year old daughter’s eczema up. It is one of the best products I’ve used. Cheers.

Great product

Trying this out for the first time and am really impressed. You don’t need to use a lot to get a better moisturizing effect than typical brands. My skin looks great and I am super satisfied.

VanMan's Tallow & Honey Balm - Classic 2 oz

Multi-Purpose Tallow & Honey Balm

I have been using the tallow balm as a facial moisturizer and also as a deodorant. It took me awhile to get use to the scent, but it does fade within a few minutes. When applying, a little really does go a long ways. It is very moisturizing for my face and it truly works as a deodorant without the bad ingredients in store bought deodorants.

Magic Potion

Simply amazing! This product blew my mind!!! On day one I was completely shocked. I came a cross this on social media and purchased accidentally but soooo happy I did. Got here within a couple days, I was surprised by the size but man of man I have Been using it every day and it looked like I havnt even used it at all one you but on skin it melts and goes on like smooth butter. It goes a very very long way, I used it specifically for my arms I have Keratosis pilaris and on day one notice dramatically. The red dots and small bumps are literally almost all gone (day 4), i bragged about to everyone I know I’ve come across this week. Please don’t hesitate it’s a definite must have, thank me later :)

What an awesome product!

I am absolutely thrilled with VanMan's Miracle Tooth Powder! I have been using it for several days now and have noticed a significant improvement in the whiteness and overall health of my teeth. The powder is very easy to use, simply wet your brush and dip it into the powder, then brush as you normally would. The powder has a pleasant taste and leaves my mouth feeling clean and refreshed. I love that it is all natural and free from harsh chemicals. I highly recommend VanMan's Miracle Tooth Powder to anyone looking for an effective and natural way to improve their oral hygiene. Five stars!

Great customer service

Great product. Had an issue with my order that was rectified immediately. Thank you VanMan.

Better that I could have thought.

I have used this now for a week, and it has helped clear up a rough spot on my elbow and bring new life to my feet.
Also, I like the tooth powder. Excellent stuff.

I keep it stocked at home

It's great, just wish it could come in a larger bottle

Review completion

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I will see how the cream does for me and my Psoriasis and wish I had gotten the cheaper cow tallow jar and could have gotten several jars .
Feels great. No smell and itching better.