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Excellent product

I love this product. I have used all natural products with various ingredients, however this is really a miracle product. My teeth are cleaner, removes plaque and healed my swollen gums. 👍

Coconut and magnesium deodorant

The only deodorant I will use! It works-m, is good for my body, and has no junk in it! Win win win!

Tooth powder

Been using it consistently for a few months and love it. I did have 4 days I had to use my old toothpaste again and hated it. So much cleaner with the powder!


So far so good! keeps skin hydrated all day and helps with my oily skin.

Incredible customer service

I've been a customer for over a year that now I have a subscription, so I never have to run out of any of Vanmans products.
Recently I accidentally ordered my Tallow & Honey Balm twice on two separate orders. When I realized my error and the two separate shipping charges I contacted customer service to explain my error.
Not only were they quick to respond, but offered two solutions to help.
I chose to keep both orders because I love the product so much, and they combined the two orders so I wouldn't have any shipping charges!
My shipping charges were refunded immediately.
Thank you again for not only your amazing products but unbelievable customer service!

Classic beef tallow

I love how my skin glows after using it!

Hair Setum

I bought it for my granddaughter. She has very curly think long hair and she loves it!

Best & cleanest sun block in the game!

VanMan does it again!!!

With the release of the new VanMan Soap, VanMan blows up the soap industry!!! The compliment of the soap to the Bison Tallow lotion has my skin looking and feeling the best it has in year!!!

Mint Bone Tooth Powder

I really like the Mint taste of this on my teeth. After brushing, my teeth feel very clean and refreshed. I also love that my sink doesn’t stay so messy with this bone powder compared to the darker original powder.

Magnesium deodorant

I truly truly like the Scent of this deodorant! It’s perfect with clean ingredients and seems to last through my daily workouts. Definitely a keeper. I wish there was a refillable because don’t like throwing out so many nice glass jars.

Love your skin!

Recently bought the zinc & tallow! All day in the pool , reapplied twice, 107 degrees…no sunburn! Love the tooth paste, mouthwash, soap…next, the deodorant!!!

Love it!

Used it on myself and my kids in California this past week. Zero sunburns!

VanMan's Tallow & Honey Balm - Classic 2 oz

VanMan's Protection Oils Hair Serum


Just love the way it is now! My deodorant smells very good and best of all, it works and I know its good for my health

Game Changer

I have been using this product for all sorts of different skin applications and have noticed a remarkable difference—especially with rashes/skin irritations. I love the shine!

Home run #2

Tried the newer version of the tooth powder & it's amazing & has vastly improved my microbiome in my mouth & my teeth & gums are stronger. Thank you. Lifetime customer now

Great products!

Great products! Enjoy them all and happy to have the soap added to the line

Toss all your other deodorants

This is the one. I’ve tried them all - all the expensive ones, the hard to find, the homemade, the low toxicity score on EWG. This one doesn’t just cover up the smell with another fake smell. It eliminates it. It’s magic and I love it so much. it is true that my family members complain about putting their fingers in the jar, but it just disappears on your fingertips and works so well that I’m willing to deal with this small inconvenience. I love it and love that it’s glass and not plastic. Van Man - you’ve really done it !

Honey balm Tallow

Simply put,Just love it for all over. 🥰🥰🥰

My new go-to toothpaste. Love everything about it, from the simple effective ingredients to the clean glass/metal encasement.

Far superior to Burt’s Bees. Perfect for the hot Florida summer.

Love it

Big fan of the tooth powder. Need to find a way to make almost like a pez dispenser or something for it to make application easier and more consistent haha. I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve gotten from Van Man so far and will always be checking out whatever they make

Feels good. Seen improvement

The Vanman Tallow and Honey Balm is easy to use, doesn't feel greasy and I have seen improvement in my skin dryness and complexion