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Love it so far!!

I love all your products so far!! I’m hoping you will introduce a cleanser soon!!! Eventually a toner too!! How about make up down the road?? I got big plans for your company since it is so simple and safe without harsh chemicals!!😊

Sunblock, lip balm and tooth powder

Perfect! I fish offshore and this is all use now. I did ask vanman what the spf was and they got back with me right away about it. In case If anyone wants to know it’s spf 20. I just love knowing that I’m using natural product instead of all the chemicals that are used in sunscreen. Big difference!!! Do some research between sunblock and sunscreen if you don’t believe me which is why I have switched to vanman! I will be buying more when I get low on this product. I also bought lip balm which I like and the tooth powder which I can’t comment on as I haven’t tried it yet.


Both my boyfriend and I have fry skin bad ti the point where his skin would crack and bleed we started using the tallow and it’s helped up a lot I’m glad I bought this for us 10/10 would recommend.

Best Product Out There and The Best Company Out There

Alright so I first came about this company via an Instagram ad and honestly had never really heard about the benefits of tallow. I knew you could cook with it but that’s about it. I was skeptical so I bought two jars but didn’t want to subscribe in case I didn’t enjoy it. The initial reason I bought this was for my tattoo that I had just recently gotten so I wanted to see how it would work for moisturizing. I was absolutely shocked. It worked wonders during the healing process and makes it look so crisp so I started using it on my other older tattoos. After that I kept reading other people’s comments as well as Vanman and started to put it all over my head, face, beard, etc. It doesn’t matter if you have some pimples or whatever, slab some on and go get some sun! This stuff has made my beard so shiny and smooth it’s unreal. Have a scrape or cut? Slab some on. This shit is incredible and has forever shaped my mindset! I’m still skeptical about the toothpaste and deodorant but I’m about to order my first round. Don’t know why I should be doubting any of the other products because Vanman is the best out there! Highest quality of product and the message behind this company is something every person should get behind. I’m a forever customer now!


Just simply amazing skins glowing like whoaaaaaa

Works great!

Best product on the market

I was debating whether to right this review or give a testimony, and I would choose the latter because it’s very important to me. For many years I’ve been dealing with hormonal issues due to a thyroid condition which made me very sensitive to many natural deodorants. I’ve tried so many different ones that I lost count. Many of them worked for a few months and others for a little longer, but at the end I had to keep replacing each one of them because they stopped working for me. It’s been a long and frustrating journey trying to find a deodorant without baking soda that would actually work for me, until I found the VanMan deodorant and decided to give it a try. I followed the instructions on detoxing with clay and apple cider vinegar first, and then started using it. Honestly, I didn’t think it would work, and in my mind I was already planning on tossing it after using it for two days, but when I saw that days had passed by and my armpits didn’t get irritated nor did I get a smell I just wanted to cry, literally. I finally found a deodorant that was working for me after years of spending a lot of money trying expensive and chemical free deodorants. I’m beyond grateful to the VanMan company, please don’t ever change the ingredients that formulated this extraordinary deodorant. I feel confident and comfortable wearing this magnificent product, and I hope God blessed your business is abundantly, thank you!!

Helped a lot with skin irritation

I had ran out of my van man deodorant and had to use my old duke cannon deodorant and developed a bad rash and irritation. 30 min after using the tallow it started to clear up and became less irritated.


I’ve been using this Bison and Honey salve for about six months or more and find it to be WONDERFUL‼️ From rashes to cracked heels it does it all‼️

Starting my second jar!

I’m Canadian so spending the extra money on this means a lot. No, it is not cheap, but so worth it. The bison tallow feels like it provides this healing cocoon for my skin…nothing else compares. The honey tallow product is seriously just as good but the texture of the bison tallow for my face can’t really be compared. I’m hooked now…on most of your products as well!

Finally a great nontoxic deodorant!

I’ve tried all of the others, no winners. I finally found Vanmans deodorant it’s the best hands down!! The other products equally impressive!

It really works!

I have had such good experiences with VanMan products and so decided to try the deodorant. I was skeptical but WOW. It really truly works. It also leaves zero residue on your clothing! I want to recommend it to everyone. I love using natural products. This stuff is amazing.

Try Every Product

Vanman is not paying for this review but I would take any product as compensation. I say this because I started with the balm for my face and now have a stocked drawer with almost every product they make. They balm is incredible, the deodorant works well and isn’t poisoning you. The miracle tooth powder is awesome and does a great job cleaning the pearly whites. The hair protection oils is what I have been using for a light hold pomade style product and my hair feels better than I can ever remember. My wife stole all my chapstick, but she keeps reminding me that it’s great as well. We have started gifting the tallow and honey balm to friends with skin conditions. We plan on using nothing but vanman for the foreseeable future.


I love this stuff, my only complaint is that the bottle is too small. I've been using it along with the Tooth Powder for about three weeks and my teeth are literally shining.

VanMan's Coconut & Magnesium Deodorant - 2 oz

From really good to EVEN BETTER

I have been using a really good moisturizer and skin care system - one I trusted to be very clean and doing less harm to my body, as nothing stays just on the skin. I kept seeing the posts from Van Man and decided to give the Tallow and Honey Balm a try. I have now switched over completely. I'm 50 and my skin is feeling so much more moisturized and clear. Fine lines around my eyes have diminished. I have my two teen boys using it as well and their skin is looking great. Glad to have a product that does not include harmful chemicals that will absorb and disrupt the endocrine system.

Love it!

Ditched my Mary Kay skincare for VanMan’s Tallow and Honey Balm and I couldn’t be happier! Knowing that I am putting a clean, natural product on my face, hands and feet gives me peace of mind. Bye toxic ingredients!

great products, great movement

i have tried almost every product and have no complaints i will continue to buy the tallow hair oil lip balm (which lasts forever) deodorant and my favorite the tooth powder. The charcoal is fine but the cattle bone with peppermint oil is much better in my opinion and well worth the money

Nothing better

My newborn baby had terrible acne. His face felt like sandpaper and it was red and inflamed. My family had taken to calling him Deadpool because his face looked so messed up LOL. We all use and love this tallow balm already, so why not try it on the baby too? It cleared his face up within days and his skin is now perfectly soft and blemish-free. Thanks Van Man!!!!

10 stars for the pits

I dont smell bad, smell good all day easy to put on, great to travel with, no sweat stains doesnt ruin clothes. All the things you want this is. And usually lasts me alightly over 2 months

Great product!

I am using this sunblock in Destin Fl and I have not burned any where!

Love this product

I've been using this product for 3 months now and love it.

Finally found a natural deodorant that works

1st day of use was 12 hours in a hot, humid basement. Sweaty and dirty but not stinky!

Tallow and honey balm

I’ve used Tallow and honey balm for about 2 weeks. I’ve notice the lines on my lips and chest are looking smoother also makes my skin shine

Mint Tooth Powder ~ Great Product(s)

We thoroughly enjoy the mint tooth powder!
I did not have any issues before, that I was aware of. After using this powder to brush my teeth for a few weeks, I've noticed my teeth feel cleaner, smoother for the entire day, which I never experienced before. I've also noticed that my gums don't irritate me after the initial brushing in the morning, which I did not even know was a thing I assumed it was the toothbrush I was using. It also seems that our teeth are whiter after have used this product for just 2 weeks.