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The toothpaste and mouthwash is awesome! I will reorder.

Great product!


I have tried so many all natural deodorants I’ve lost count! They do not hide my sweaty smell. 2 weeks in with the van man deodorant and so far so good! I can’t wait until they come out in stick form.

Best So Far

I've tried several natural deodorants over the years and VanMan is the best so far. No stink, no irritation, and my first jar lasted 5 months with once daily use!

Lip balm

Amazing! Use it for my entire family. Keeps my lips from drying out from cold weather! Helps heals kids chapped lips!!


VanMan’s Coconut & Magnesium Deodorant is awesome. I highly recommend this product.

Really works

Love this deodorant! No harsh ingredients and actually works. Wish it was easier to apply but rinsing fingers off after using is a small price to pay for a great product while supporting a small business.


I love my van man talkie and honey. My daughter turned me on to it. It's what I use as my daily moisturizer. I am 56 and I prefer this natural product to any chemicals out there. Thankyou

Love the Lip Balm!

Love the light peppermint and knowing I'm using something good for me on my lips! This stuff is fantastic. ❤️


I have used the original coconut/Charcoal/egg shell for a while. It did wonders for my teeth, but the flavor was a bit rough. Hoping now with the minty powder, I can get my family on board too! Keep up the great work!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the products

Worth every dollar

Discovered this company from an instagram add while i was looking for a cream to help my baby's eczema. This just felt natural for his skin (and mine as well) and it absorbs well. I love the unscented option for his delicate skin. Plus it provided him a new silly nickname: Beef Stick. haha. I use it for my face and on my skin during the dry winter months. Works faster than any lotion.
The packing peanuts are edible, which is great becasue my pet ate a lot of them before I noticed.
Overall awesome quality product.

I love their all natural products!

Wonderful product, excellent investment

Great for fine wrinkles, redness and general irritation. Not only do I use it on my face but I also used it on lose skin on stomach and it tightened it right up! Customer for life!. I can not overstate how pleased I am with the effectiveness of this product.

Miracle tooth powder

I’m so happy that I ordered this product! It is a fraction of the chemical tooth whitening products available in stores and I love the VanMan’s. I’m looking forward to trying other VanMan’s products!

VanMan's Miracle Tooth Powder 2 oz

VanMan's Miracle Tooth Powder

This tooth powder is awesome! My teeth feel amazing after I brush my teeth & knowing it is removing the toxins from my body eases my mind.

Good stuff

I like the protection oils. It adds life back to my hair, and is great for styling.

Keep a Jar Handy

This stuff's really good for all around use. If you tend to get itchy skin from dry weather or allergies, it's a great alternative to lotions for sure. I use it to keep my heels from dry cracking. But I also use it to prevent chafing or on rashes. Just buy some and keep it handy.

VanMan's Tallow & Honey Balm - Classic 2 oz

A little goes a long way

I admit that I was reluctant to buy the Bison Tallow & Honey Balm because of the price but I understand that premium ingredients will have a premium price. I find that a little balm goes a long way and at the rate I am using the balm I estimate that it will last me a very long time, this completely justifies the price. The balm goes on very smoothly and leaves my skin very soft. This is going to be something I will keep ordering as long as it is still being made. Highly recommend it. I use bison tallow on my face only and the beef tallow balm for the rest of my body. I’m not a big fan of the way it smells but the scent dissipates quickly.

Love it

Purchased this product as we are trying to get away from fluoride use and we absolutely love it. Leaves out teeth feeling clean.