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Way better than a regular toothpaste!

Leaves your teeth looking more clean/white than a regular tooth paste. I love it and will be getting it again!

You can tell this is quality stuff

As soon as this touches your mouth you feel the quality, it almost feels like an oil. I feel it is a shame to call it a mouth wash, this stands on its own above the rest, a new category of mouth cleansing.

If you care about your health, this is it.

Once you understand why it is important to go as natural as possible concerning your oral health, you will never go back to toothpaste. Thanks for the amazing product.

Love tallow and honey

Love the texture of the tallow and honey- and it works! Bye bye dry skin!

Great product

I started using on cracked and dried skin and found amazing results right after use. Much happier opting for natural solution than traditional moisturizers. Will be buying more.

VanMan's Miracle Tooth Powder 2 oz

Excellent stuff!



Finally found a product for my face that I can trust to be safe and natural, but that also leaves my face exactly the way I want it. Never too oily, never dry... it's really perfect. Not to mention the cool factor of the glass bottle and keeping away from plastics as much as possible. Will be ordering again and again for as long as Van Man is willing to sell them


I’m not a fan of thick lotions, however this balm blends into the skin and makes you feel hydrated.

VanMan's Tallow & Honey Balm 2 oz

Dip me in a vat of this stuff

Absolutely love this stuff! Great moisturizer for these summer months.

Will never be using soypaste or nivea creme again

The tooth powder is the best "toothpaste" I've ever used. One week in and I see plaque receding and my teeth whitening. The tallow balm I used to replace the classic nivea cream - I had terrible thigh chaffing after walking too much without underwear and not showering for 3 days (tmi I know) and the balm literally made it disappear the next day. I was shocked.

Amazing Customer Service

Emailed Vanman and responded super fast!! Love the lip balm and the tins are super cute!!!

Good moisturizer

You don't need a lot and you don't need to use it a lot, so the jar will probably last a long time. Worth the investment and definitely better to read the ingredients on this compared to any other moisturizer I've used.

VanMan's Peppermint Beeswax Lip Balm SINGLE
Brian Gannon
Good stuff

It lasts a while and doesn't make my lips greasy.

Never received

Hi there! I actually never received my items. I didnt contact you because I was having some issues with my debit card at the time and didn’t think my payment even went through. Id love to talk further on this, if you can email me that’d be great! Thanks a bunch!

Love This Product!

I have used every lip balm on the market but this product actually works. Say goodbye to cracked and dry lips!

My son's Christmas present

Ordered on cyber Monday. It took some time but arrived on time. My son loves the stuff and we will be ordering again.

Great product!

Great product! So great that it should really come in a bigger container.

My favourite lip balm

Finally a lip balm that can keep my lips moist in Canadian winter. This lip balm is very high quality and last a long time. I love that everything is natural and that there is NO additives or fillers. Keep up the great work!

Best toothpaste around

My teeth have never felt this clean or strong! I love natural products and you can tell everything this man does is very high quality! I love it

Great quality and amazing value

I love this tallow, I use it everyday and you can feel the quality when you put it on your skin! The best part is you do not need a lot so this jar will last a very long time. Thanks for the great products keep it up! 10/10

VanMan's Peppermint Beeswax Lip Balm 3PACK

loving it

This has been the first time straying away from typical toothpaste so it was different at first but this stuff is so much better. No gross after taste and no garbage fluoride. loving it so far man thanks

Compliments on my skin + deep healing

People love my glowing skin. Before using this Tallow & Honey Balm, I had dry & flakey skin, made worse by a cold Canadian winter. I've been using this balm every few days for ~2 months now. The difference is night & day! Unlike other moisturizers that just cover up dry skin, I feel this balm actually heals + nourishes, so the effects are lasting & deep. I also love that the ingredients are all natural. No weird plastics or anything that I can't pronounce.

Great product! Happy to have heard about this from "Village by the Sea" Twitter.