VanMan's Protection Oils 4 oz

Can Be Used Head To Toe
Lotion Replacement
No Fillers
"My hair feels so soft and looks nourished when I get out of the shower now." - Verified Buyer

VanMan's protection oils is a powerful, fragrance free, all purpose hair and body oil.

This blend can be used as a traditional moisturizer from head to toe, and should allow you to toss any toxic goop lotions, tanning oils, hair moisturizers directly in the trash


Organic Coconut Oil - A great moisturizer with natural SPF and natural antibacterial

Emu Oil - An incredibly powerful and deeply penetrating moisturizer and healer, often used on severe burns.  Amazing for your skin and hair

Organic Golden Jojoba Oil -  Long used by Native Americans, Jojoba oil is lush with minerals like copper & zinc, and vitamins E & B

Organic Castor Oil - Pioneered by the ancient Egyptians, Castor oil promotes healthy hair follicles and protects the skin from water loss

Sweet Almond Oil- Also found in our lip balm, this Almond oil is great for promoting even skin tone and healing damaged skin

Organic Cold Pressed Olive Oil - Olive Oil is packed with antioxidants and Vitamins E, A, D, & K.  It is one of the very best oils to cook with, and also one of the best for your skin!


Comes with a secure cap as well as a spray top 



A little bit can be used and ran through with your hand to quickly erase dry damaged hair.

A larger amount can be massaged into the roots and left for 20 mins up to all the way overnight for a deeply penetrating hair treatment

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Connor M
Ultimate Hair Care

After taking the no shampoo pill, I was looking for something to replace the toxic chemicals I had been putting in my hair for years. My hair always looked dry and didn't have the silky texture I wanted. I took VanMan's advice and put the Protection Oils with 1 egg in my hair before I shower. Silk, works like magic. My hair is the softest it's ever been!