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Amazing Product — But…

Amazing product! That said, protecting your face from the suns aging rays (thinner skin than rest of body) is critical. If there was SPF incorporated into this product it would be bar none the best out there. Hopefully Van Man can make it happen!

Great stuff

Feel good about this natural toothpaste. Seems to clean my teeth well. Great product!

Fantastic, Clean Product!!

I am blown away! Seriously this stuff is amazing I will 100% be buying again. Cannot recommend enough! This is the only natural product that has actually cleaned my teeth and NOT left my mouth feeling gritty after. Best tooth product out there! Get the mouthwash too, you will not regret it!


This cream is perfection!

The Van Man Can because he mixes it with love

Better than anything that fraud Willy Wonka ever made

Truly the best

VanMan Tallow Honey Balm is my favorite moisturizer 🍯🤍 I have a keen interest in skincare products and have tried many different moisturizers over the years. Nothing seems to compare to this tallow honey balm. I rarely leave reviews on products, but this is too good not to share. I’ve been using it for about a year now, and it’s the only moisturizer I’ve noticed significant results with. Leaves my skin feeling supple and buttery soft. I also noticed it has evened out my skin tone. After I moisturize my face, I use the excess for my hands. I used to have a scar on my hand, but it’s gone now. I had that scar for several years before using this tallow balm. Really amazed at the results. So thankful for this product and all the work that went into its development! Thank you VanMan! I’ve recommended it to family and friends.

VanMan's Tallow & Honey Balm 2 oz

Awesome Product

Been using for a couple of weeks now and my skin feels so moisturized. I can’t comment on the long term benefits as of yet, but I imagine myself never going back to chemical ridden moisturizer again. You don’t need a lot either and the small jar will last a long time. Great product so far. Will be purchasing again.

Hallowed Tallow

Perfect in every way. Smell. Blend-ability. Condensed quantity. Moisture binding properties.


I find myself subconsciously licking it off my face while eating steak

Smells great, feels great, good economy of space

I like this stuff because of how easy it is to travel with, especially by air.

Since this is a compact 2oz container (which goes a decent ways as you don't need to use a ton) I no longer have to worry about the size of my lotion bottles violating arbitrary airport security regulations about liquids/gels.

The Bee's Knees

Three of these things will last a very long time. Way better scent and feel then any of those tubes.

VanMan's Tallow & Honey Balm 2 oz

Awesome product

this tooth powder is awesome. I hate to floss and tarter that had built up, even though I brush regularly, has disappeared in only 2 weeks. Even the tea stains are gone and my gums are no longer bleeding. I expect to never need another deep cleaning from the dentist again.


This tallow balm is simply wonderful and gives my skin a wonderful glow. I love it!

Good stuff

Interesting the salt overpowers the taste, but I love the coconut charcoal and teeth aren't as sensitive. Biggest plus, no flouride!


Very solid product. It has a pretty good smell too it even though it is beef tallow. Keeps my face very moisturized and is getting rid of dark spots quicker than I expected it too. I really do recommend it to people thinking of buying this product worth every penny.

VanMan's Protection Oils 4 oz
Ayden Middlebrooks

VanMan's Protection Oils 4 oz

Bison balm Incredible

Have been looking for an Egyptian Magic alternative. You know the one from Whole Foods?! I have tried many tallow balms with not much success. The mix of honey, bison tallow, and royal jelly does wonders for my skin. I have only been using at night now for a week so my skin can get used to it and when I wake up my skin is hydrated. Fixed the dry patches on my beard. Also after I shave has been preventing any irritation. I have very sensitive skin and so far I’m amazed. I will be trying the toothpaste next.

VanMan's Peppermint Aloe Mouth Rinse 8oz

VanMan's Tallow & Honey Balm 2 oz

Amazing product

Been using the beef tallow balm 1-2 times a day for a while, my skin has never looked better. Had to give this one a try despite the price. The texture is better and scent is better. You can feel your skin improving when you put it on. It is very obviously a higher quality product. The beef tallow balm will still be my primary skincare product because of the affordability and how well it works, but this is an incredible product and I am happy it is being produced. I hope Van Man continues putting out great products like this!

The Best Skin Moisturizer on the Planet

I've been using this for 6 months consistently and it's unbelievable...I will never use "store-bought" moisturizer again. Van Man, you have a customer for life!

Tooth powder power

So much more enjoyable than regular toothpaste. Doesn’t gunk my mouth up afterwards.
Fluoride free, filler free, gmo-soy-hydrogenated oil-pharma-Monsanto poison crap-free, makes me feel good brushing my teeth every night knowing my dollars are going against the industrial grain.
Oh, and only having to use a little at a time is great.