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Based on 414 reviews
Tallow balm

My skin feels fresh all day with this, and I can already see a difference after only a few weeks. Even coconut oil isn’t this good. Thanks Van Man!


This is my second order and love everything I have tried, especially the tallow honey balm that I use as my new daily moisturizer. The tooth powder and mouth rinse are also great! Appreciate you guys so much for making high quality, natural products at affordable prices that I feel good about using.

Vanman Only Skincare Routine

This is the best skincare product I have ever used. I have health problems but that doesn't stop tallow balm from making my face soft. I threw out all of lotions and products months back. Now I will only use Vanman tallow balm now :)

When I use van man tooth powder I feel like I am cleaning my teeth naturally instead of chemically polishing them. My teeth feel healthier and seem to actually be whitening. Thank you van man! You will have me a as a customer for life.

VanMan's Tallow & Honey Balm 2 oz

Miracle Tallow

The tallow is amazing! Keeps your skin moisturized for days on end. Almost feel like it gives your skin a glow. My dad used it on his poison ivy and it helped with that too; if you wanted to add that to your list of bonus uses.

Product not yet received

I have not yet received my order! Should I have?

Whoo, this is a change, but my teeth feel ace

I had a temporary shock, shifting from supermarket toothpaste to this. But I got used to it in a couple of days and my teeth are definitely better. I do miss the minty taste tho, so I often do a Dentyl wash afterwards which is perhaps breaking the spell but that's just me!

Amazing product that lasts a long time too

Van Man has been an amazing product so far - combining this with daily sun exposure and collagen supplementation, the skin clarity for my face has never been better. Definitely appreciate how little you have to apply to your face too as this justifies the higher cost for the product given it will last substantially long.

It’s annoying

It’s annoying how frequently people ask me how I have such nice skin. Great stuff

Love it!

Fucking amazing stuff

Tallow is vril in a jar. I lather my entire body once a week and my face/hair every day. Zero pimpils/acne and I had some small acne scars and they are GONE.
I also use the tooth powder, haven't used toothpaste in three months and I don't think I ever will. Thanks guys you have inspired me

Love it

Been using for a few weeks on my face and it feels great. A little bit truly does go a long way. The smell was a bit strange at first but I got used to it. So much better than overpriced creams/moisturizers filled with chemicals


Amazing product

Love it

It’s great!

It’s great! Perfect texture and works very well. Doesn’t make me constantly kick my lips like other brands do. No odor or taste.

VanMan's Tallow & Honey Balm 2 oz


Amazing toothpaste powder!!!

I will never buy a different toothpaste in my life. This product has literally changed my life I absolutely love it and couldn’t recommend it more. I’ve use unrefined coconut oil rather than water on my toothbrush before dipping in the powder and really enjoy it

Amazing product

On my 3rd order of this, there is truly nothing better for overall face moisturizing and sunburns around shoulders. Customer for life

Great product.

Love it

Will definitely buy again and try the other products as well when my wallet allows it.

I’m subscribed for two bottles a month

I’m subscribed for two bottles a month. I think that says it all.


Feels very nice! Makes my skin look glowy and goes on surprisingly well under makeup. I’m sure this depends if your makeup is water based or oil based. Can look a little oily, but just use a bit less and it’s fine. Healing my zits really well in addition to a bit of vitamin E oil. No popping necessary! Skin stays hydrated all day long, even in the sun all day. Overall 10/10.


finally found a moisturizer that works for my dry skin! Also helps with sunburn!