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Based on 464 reviews

Love the tooth powder and rinse so much! My teeth feel so clean and fresh, and the fresh feeling lasts!

VanMan's Peppermint Beeswax Lip Balm

Brilliant !

This is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. My teeth feel so clean afterwards. I also have less plaque build up since using this. I highly recommend this to anyone who actually wants to have a clean, healthy mouth.

VanMan's Peppermint Aloe Mouth Rinse 8oz

VanMan's Peppermint Aloe Mouth Rinse 8oz

Good stuff! Never enjoyed anything other quite as I do this mouthwash. It's gentle. No flouride. No chemicals. No worshipping the gods of commercial *bleep*. Just good stuff.

Make A Religion Out of This

VanMan over here single-handedly upending an entire industry. Seriously, one tiny jar of this will replace your entire skincare regimen. There's no BS about your skin type, what time to use it, where to use it, none of that. I used to have a whole line-up of products that could be considered excessive for a man. I had a morning cleanser, an exfoliator, a toner, serum, moisturizer, night cleanser, morning eye cream AND night eye cream. Hundreds of $$$, a total waste of money. All those products are made with pharmachems and plastic and truly didn't do much for me. This tallow and honey balm replaces all of that, and it actually works. Wash your face with cool water, and put this on. It's that simple, people. And yes, as Mr. VanMan says, you only need a couple of dabs. I just had to buy a second jar because the girl stole my first! BUY IT

Pair This With The Tooth Powder

It's so crisp hahahaha but not in a bad burning way like 'normal' mouthwash.

Big Toothpaste Seething and Coping

I've used the tooth powder for about 9 months now. I went to the dentist so they could take a look at me. Hygienist remarked that my teeth were so excellent and asked me what toothpaste I use. When I told her I use a product called VanMan's Miracle Tooth Powder made with volcanic ash, eggshells, coconut charcoal, and pink sea salt, she looked at me like I had just killed her family. My teeth were perfect in the x-rays.

Best Lip Balm Ever

This is literally the best lip balm ever. BEE GANG BEE GANG BEE GANG

A Little Goes a Long Way

I feel like a thief getting this much product for such low cost. I bought this months ago and still haven't even used one-third of it. Two pumps are all I need for short thick hair. You can also use it on your beard and eyebrows. If you have light eyebrows, this will make them stand out more.

Perfect for Summer

VERY soft tee. Cotton is King. Buy it and hide it from your girl, she'll steal it


I used this cream on a rash I got from a tic bite and it cleared it up, I was given prescriptions that didn’t work, but this did. Also the work I do dries my hands out, this cream keeps my hands hydrated they are soft and smooth. I am very happy with this product and will be buying again. Thank you

Incredible Product

The Tallow is super soothing. I use it right when I get out of the shower and it keeps my skin feeling great all day. I highly recommend it

Tooth Powder

Can initially take some getting used to if you’re moving over from somewhere with mint in it, like the Hello charcoal toothpaste I had been using, but it has been good. My teeth feel cleaner than they ever have and I haven’t got to worry about a mile long ingredients list.

The Best Skincare I've ever used

I went from using skincare subscriptions you see in ads to just this beef tallow balm, even replaced aftershave with it. My skin has never been clearer/glowed so much. Perfect lip balm too, had dry cracked lips for days before the balm arrived. Keep it simple and buy this. You won't regret it 😎

VanMan's Tallow & Honey Balm 2 oz

Great Tooth Powder

I want to die with my original teeth. I ordered this to help remineralize my teeth after reading about how eggshells can do that. I bleached my teeth obscenely in my 20s and Im now 38. My teeth are healthy but the mineral layer seems depleted and thinning. One week after using this powder and I can notice a markedly difference for the better. The charcoal also whitens your teeth naturally. I’m forever convinced and will never use anything else

VanMan's Miracle Tooth Powder 2 oz

Very happy!

I love the tallow! I will be buying more! I wish I had found it sooner, it’s simply awesome.

Hydrating & light

I’ve been using the Honey & Tallow balm for a week. I’ve used it to replace my usual facial moisturizer. My skin feels smoother and more hydrated, already. Also, more balanced. Looking forward to seeing how it continues to perform.

Peppermint Aloe Mouth Rinse.

Undefeated Products

My 3rd product from VanMan and I’m never disappointed. Highly recommend


Exactly as advertised - super soft and no wack plastics

Soft lips

Love this balm so much. Literally makes my lips so soft. 🤎

VanMan's Miracle Tooth Powder 2 oz