*No Essential Oils* VanMan's Bison Tallow & Honey Balm

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*This is the same as the Bison Tallow & Honey Balm only without essential oils added* 

*not unscented*

 After making what we believe is the best moisturizer on the planet, with our original Tallow & Honey Balm, we wanted to take it a step further and maximize every ingredient so it would be impossible for anyone to make something better. 

This truly is the greatest skincare product we could possibly make, nothing held back

We sourced the highest grade Manuka Honey we could find,  certified with over 850+ mg/kg of MGO (extremely high) - the key antibacterial property of Mānuka honey.

We swapped in the most nutrient dense tallow on earth from 100% grass fed Bison.  Bison being a relatively lean animal has some of the most nutrient dense fat available

We added Organic Royal Jelly, which is what the hive produces for Queen Bee's to eat exclusively (leading to much longer lives)

We sourced Organic Cold pressed Olive Oil from hand picked olives in Greece

All hand made in small batches



100% Grass fed Bison Tallow

Raw Manuka Honey 850+ Mg/kg of MGO

Organic Royal Jelly

Organic Beeswax

Organic Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Processes in 24-72 Hours, shipping times may vary

1. Take a small glob and gently dab small dots around the skin you'd like to use it on (anywhere works!)

2. Rub it in, make skin smooth and strong

3. There are no fillers, so you don't need much! Start small

Why Choose Vanman?

Designed For Face
Elite Ingredients
Effective Yet Edible

Customer Reviews

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Lisa Schauwecker

*No Essential Oils* VanMan's Bison Tallow & Honey Balm

Mark Quinn
Great product and great customer service

I’ve been using the van man products for almost a year now, and I love every single one.

John Hansen
Good Stuff!

Used this on my skin, my wife loves it for her face, we use it on our 20 month old, and even my dogs paws in this TX heat. We all absolutely love it! It smells incredible, goes on extremely well, like rubbing silk into your skin almost. When people ask what it is they are completely blown away, and thats before you even mention its edible!

It may be pricey for most, but if you can swing it you definitely should get yourself one to try. You won’t regret it!

Brooke Souza
Love it

My skin seems to really absorb this stuff nicely and I saw results instantly. Really loving and appreciating this product. Will definitely be getting again:

Heloise Robertson
So far so good!

I am only using your products and I am eager to see what happens in a few weeks. So far I really like the way my skins feels and looks after using the Bison Tallow… I will give you more feedbacks in a few weeks. Any recommendations on makeup products like your products quality. I am looking for mineral powder, foundation and waterproof mascara? I want all natural organic simple products like yours.. thank you for your support and products…