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Get in, We’re taking down Big Sunscreen!  For too long sunscreen has been chemically guarding you from sunburn while simultaneously roasting chemicals on your skin and leaking into your body!

VanMan’s Tallow & Zinc Sunblock like all VanMan products uses 100% edible ingredients.  Instead of chemically changing your skin to not burn, VanMan’s sunblock uses non-nano Zinc Oxide to act as a mineral barrier.  

An SPF equivalent of about 20, water resistant, and nearly 100% absorbent (no strong white residue!)

Simply apply as any moisturizer and allow a few minutes to absorb.  Reapply after heavy activity or swimming

Full Ingredients:

100% Grass-Fed and Grass-Finished Beef Tallow

Organic Olive Oil

Organic Beeswax

Organic Shea Butter

Non Nano Zinc Oxide

Organic Cocoa Powder

Processes in 24-72 Hours, shipping times may vary

Why Choose Vanman?

Mineral Protection
Effective Yet Edible
Use Head To Toe

Customer Reviews

Based on 254 reviews
Sean Wilson

Best & cleanest sun block in the game!

LaDonna Bush
Love your skin!

Recently bought the zinc & tallow! All day in the pool , reapplied twice, 107 degrees…no sunburn! Love the tooth paste, mouthwash, soap…next, the deodorant!!!

Catla Rotondaro
Love it!

Used it on myself and my kids in California this past week. Zero sunburns!


When I originally ordered this it unfortunately smelled like fish bait. I emailed customer service and was prompted replied to and sent a replacement free of charge and told that sometimes that will happen if shipping temperature change. The new jar smells neutral and works really well.

Steven M.
Highly recommend

First time using tallow sunblock and it worked great. Kids and I went to the beach and we came back with no sun burns. Highly recommend it. My family and I love vanman products