VanMan's Miracle Tooth Powder 2 oz

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VanMan's Miracle ToothPowder has taken the internet by storm.  We have people DREAMING again!  and vivid dreams on top of that!  This is from both the lack of fluoride, as well as the high amount of amazing minerals in the formula

Beyond the dreams this tooth powder will leave you waking up without that gross mouth feeling often created by foaming agents ruining your saliva production

2-3 month supply when brushing twice a day (can skip some brushes using water) twice a day with paste is a marketing ploy from big toothpaste!

Can be used by itself or as a booster to your favorite flavored toothpaste

Glass jar with metal cap

Egg Shell Powder is loaded with calcium and other minerals, egg shells are a natural source for hydroxyapatite which has been shown to reverse early tooth decay

Bentonite Clay is aged volcanic ash, and is shown to purify, detoxify, and alkalize the mouth

Activated Coconut Charcoal acts to further detoxify your mouth and whiten teeth

Baking Soda or "sodium bicarbonate" is shown to whiten and clean teeth while alkalizing the mouth

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt is a natural bacteria killer and bonds to contaminants

How To Use Tooth Powder

Processes in 24-72 Hours, shipping times may vary

1. Wet toothbrush, shake excess water.

2. Dip toothbrush into powder to get a small coating on top, don't need much

3. Gently massage teeth and gums

4. Swirl and gargle with water for 5-10 seconds circulating minerals and pulling any toxins out of your mouth

Why Choose Vanman?

Packed With Minerals
Improve Your Dreams
100% Fluoride Free

Customer Reviews

Based on 143 reviews

I chose this product because I was tired of the gross am grunge mouth feel and the mid-day plaque ick.
This tooth powder is amazing, all of the ick is gone! I had a routine dental cleaning yesterday and all of my pockets have improved, my dental tech asked what I have been doing because of the major improvement and my gums are super healthy too! Thank you The Van Man!

Daphnee Rodriguez
Ditched Toothpaste for good!

Love this stuff. I’ve noticed my mouth feels so much cleaner and healthier.

Lloyd Dodd
Strange, but it works

Once I overcame my shock at spitting out black goo after brushing I learned to really love this powder.

Yancey Roof

VanMan's Miracle Tooth Powder 2 oz

Aaron Walker
Tooth powder

The tooth powder is awesome! Teeth never felt cleaner and healthier. All the other products are fantastic as well, thank you!